About Us


Established in 2000, Innosys is located near downtown Salt lake City, Utah.InnoSys has extensive experience and capability in and facilities for advanced micro-fabrication, i.e., microelectronics, micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS), micro system technology (MST), and micro-machining manufacturing.

InnoSys is a component and device developer and manufacturer whose goal is to provide advanced electronic systems and applications with increased performance, functionalities, and most energy saving. InnoSys accomplishes this goal through heavily funded internal research and development, infrastructure investment, and continuos system design and manufacturing process innovations. InnoSys manufactures its components and devices from starting materials to completed packages in its Salt Lake City facility.

Through the past 10+ years, InnoSys has developed for and offered its high performance device and circuit designs in conjunction with excellent power management to minimize energy consumption of, and in some cases, enable new electronic systems and applications.

We, at InnoSys strongly believe in and take seriously the important role we play in using our technical know how to help our current and future generations enjoy the benefits of advanced electronic systems and applications, yet at the same time still preserving the available earth resources, especially those related to electric power for as many future generations to come.

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